An initiative to help Disability Providers thrive under the NDIS.

CUSP is a shared services project designed to help Disability Providers manage the transition to the NDIS, and continue to thrive. CUSP works collaboratively with organisations to help implement best-of-breed technology supported by tested and robust business processes to help your organisation remain financially viable and continue to focus on the needs of the most important thing, Australians living with a disability.

IT transitions are complex, typically carry a high up front cost, and if managed as a first-of-a-kind transition, there is a high risk of failure. Without scale and standardisation, software vendors are not incentivised to improve their pricing.

CUSP allows your organisation to stay focused on the most important things; supporting your clients and providing great services.

This is done by implementing core backoffice functionality, covering:

  • Integrated CRM with customised workflows, dashboards and reporting
  • NDIS Portal support (service bookings and claims)
  • Workforce management (rostering and scheduling with realtime interpretation of SCHADS Award and/or individual EA provisions)
  • Functionality to support a highly mobile workforce (clocking, leave/availability mgt, tasks, casenoting)
  • HR and payroll services

Use a team that is immersed in the sector, with the right mix of capability.

Use a transactional model that minimises the up front cost, and lets you scale up or down as needed.

Define and manage your transition with expert guidance.

CUSP - a project for best practice

Proven technology.

Focus on proven, standard business processes.

Use a team that is immersed in the sector, with the right mix of capability, that has been involved with multiple projects / transitions.

Manage a core set of vendors with aligned goals.

Achieve economies of scale and offer discounting that is only typically available to large organisations.

Apply a transactional model that means you only pay for what you use.

Maintain a focus on improve / refine / automate.

How do we work with you?

Workforce Profile – Baseline number of administrative FTE’s, current costs, cost per FTE by service category (including on-costs).

Business Processes – review current and validate that the shared service standard business processes are a good fit.

Assess the split of transactions - service type, number of transactions, timing of implementation, minimum numbers (floor).

Analyse, discuss and validate results.

Cost the solution and agree the approach to transactional costs.

Plan the organisational transition change. Incorporate in a project plan.

Reduce costs, improve efficiencies, optimise delivery

CUSP provides both real-time managment dashboards and ongoing advice on best-practice cost management.

As we all know, the NDIA is keen for all organisations to reach a 15% back-office cost. CUSP helps organisations by:

  • Showing where costs of current staff are mismatched to NDIS rates
  • Providing data on separation of customer facing and overhead roles
  • Illustrating where organisations can achieve reduction in other support costs (such as finance)
  • Illustrating where organisations have a low utilisation of customer facing staff
  • Helping organisations to address the mix of casual staff, permanent part time, full time time recording, top up.

Providing data insights for your organisation

Efficiencies from standard process

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